"Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life." 3 Nephi 5:13

Monday, July 7, 2014

Great Diamond Area

    Well everyone! This week went by blazing fast! E. Hardy had to leave me with a French missionary for a day and a half so that he could go renew his visa in Suriname so that he can stay legal in Guyana for a little longer. It was interesting being with a dude that can barely speak English for that long.. I had to speak by doing charades.. haha. But it was good. La Grange which is across the Demerara River is super bush... I saw a few gators in the trenches. :) I got packed away by mosquitos that night because my fan broke in the middle of the night and I had nothing to keep them off!

    Looks like you found Diamond! (thanks to Google Earth) The streets are layed out in a grid pattern and there are fields and fields of rice farms. It's actually pretty cool! I've only seen people harvesting once. They lay it on the side of the road to dry... so cars and trucks drive over it... then they put it in bags... so it just gives a really good excuse to wash your rice before you eat it... haha But yes you found it!   There is a lot of Sugar Cane too but mostly rice.

   My area is actually pretty sweet! I love the people hear already! The people are definitely more prepared to hear the Gospel! Very humble, humble homes and lots of people seeking for the true church. Reactivation is actually a huge deal here there are lots of members that don't come, so we focus a lot on finding them and reactivating them! It is sweet though... Lots of part member families to work with which in my opinion is like the best way to go! But The work is just going Mad here! the People are just so amazing! They are going to make me fat with their generosity... haha. They always offer you something to eat! I'm learning how to make curry and roti so you can try some when I return haha... it's soo good!

    This week is we started teaching a Family of 5!!! They are simply amazing! They are referrals from our Branch President Sobers. The entire family is of Baptism age from 10, 15, 19 and the mom and dad. Yesterday night we taught them the Restoration. It was so, so amazing that it was the most intense spirit I've felt in my mission so far teaching about Joseph Smith. It was so strong that I got the world renown Hill-bottom lip quiver and I started to cry.. haha First time for everything! I just love when the people you are teaching let you speak to them with out cutting you and just listen to what is being taught... not only by you but more importantly by what the Spirit is teaching them! It was simply amazing! I invited them to be baptized last night, and they replied "but we were already baptized.. So I told them we will discuss why I would ask that when we meet next! We left them to pray and ponder about what was shared. It was so so rich! I have always found it quite interesting that you can just tell if someone will enter the waters that first time you meet them! Well This family had that feeling! I love teaching Families... I wish I would have had the chance my entire mission... but sadly Families are hard to come by... that was the 2nd family I've taught.. 1st that were legally married!

    Well that was my week! haha That is all I have time for today... But just know That I'm doing well and that I'm loving it here serving on basically the equator.. haha in the country of Guyana in South America!!!

I love you all!

Elder Hill