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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Grand E'tang

Funny story....
     Today we went up to the Grand E'tang Lake. [a crater lake in an extinct volcano, surrounded by rainforest] We hiked to a place called Mt. Qua Qua. Well halfway through, it starts to just down pour... and so the trail is just getting super slippery. I'm sliding all over the place, and so is everybody else! The ground was like clay so it was like stepping on a million banana peels over dey. We (E. Strong, E. Smith jr., and I) have a brilliant idea to run down this hill.. more like slide down.. so we get a nice running start.. and here we go. I start sliding down and then BAM! My foot gets stuck on a wood plank sending me over my feet in front of me... Haha! And then I go sprawling headfirst into a massive patch of Razor Grass! So this grass has little edges on it like razor blades, and my face and neck got all scratched up and my arms and legs. Now i'm just looking like I got into a fight with a huge cat. I probably won't ever do that again! I would say that it was worth it though! haha because I was laughing and so was everybody else!

Elder and Sister Smith

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