"Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life." 3 Nephi 5:13

Monday, May 26, 2014

Who The Lord Calls He Qualifies

     Well to be honest this week just pretty much flew by...missionary work just blends the days all together so you never really get a chance to just be lazy.

     We saw K---- every day this week! He is such a boss! He is literally the best! He quit drinking -- cold turkey. He was like "eh it was easy once you told me to stop and that the Lord looks down on me when I do those things." I was like dude your kidding me! That's awesome! So he is doing great! Last night was by far my favorite. It was just a really good Sunday! We were asking some inspired questions about his progression towards baptism. He opened up to us after I asked how he was feeling for the 7th. He told me that he feels like God really wants him in this church. He also told me that his heart is telling him YES! He just expressed to us how much he loves the church and how he wants to join. He did tell us that he is still just unsure in his mind because he just doesn't know everything yet! We told him that we still don't know everything, and we won't until we gain a perfect understanding when we are resurrected. But anyway I love that kid!

    So I have a testimony of who the lord calls he qualifies, because I have had a lot of success here in Grenader. I know that where ever I serve, it's because the Lord needs me there! It's a great feeling! K--- is going to make such a great member. Yesterday we picked him up for church.. and man the neighbors were ruthless... Just screaming at him and telling him we worship satan... It was pretty bad... but he turned to me and said.... "Let them talk... I know this is where I should be!" It was the greatest thing I have ever heard!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Welcome Elder Wilson!

I want to tell you all E. Wilson is a great kid. He doesn't talk much but he is really smart doctrinally and in general.  I know I can learn something from him that no one else can give me.  

First work for the day...cutting down bananas in the back yard!

Doing what missionaries do best...

Elders Lowen, Smith, Hill, Strong, Wilson, Ramdhanie

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day Skype

    Hey everyone, Well I just want to tell everyone that the Skype session went by so so so so so fast! It was really crazy to me how it just whizzed by and now I look back on it feeling like it never even happened! Pretty Crazy how the Lord puts things out of your mind and helps you focus back on the work! I really enjoyed talking to everyone! It made me super happy after and It just really made me relax a little bit from all the stress I've been going through. 

    Well this past week was good any way! We were able to set dates with 4 People! First we set a date with two ladies. A---- had a date but missed it because she wouldn't come to church. So we re-set it for the 31st of this month. Next is a girl named M----a. Her date is for the 7th of June. She is really funny. She always says she's never sinned so she doesn't have to repent... but we're working with her. Next are two really cool guys.... T---- and K----. T---- is 21 and really wants to change. He has told us there are things that he feels really bad about and wants to be good with God again. He set a date for the 7th of June.

     We just started teaching K---- on Wednesday. He told us he doesn't like going to his church because they back bite and are all hypocrites. He is really amazing to me because he is just very humble. We taught him about the Restoration! We went all the way through and then invited him to be baptized on the 7th of June by someone holding the Proper Authority of Jesus Christ. He immediately said I'll accept that date and once I find this is true I'll be baptized. It was great! We invited him to come to church and he was like okay, I'll do it. We woke up yesterday morning and went and walked with him and his two nieces to church. He told us after service, that he really feels like this is the Church where God wants him to be. He is excited to come again and continue learning from us. Ahh man HE IS THE BEST! There is just something about teaching potential Priesthood holders. There is just such a power and great feeling when we do! So that was my other highlight of the week besides seeing you all on Skype. :)

    I love teaching people that are easy to teach.. but I will say again, that it breaks my heart when they don't accept what we teach! I do know that another missionary will have a chance to teach them but it's just hard to face rejection.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Transfer Time Again

    Hey everyone! How are my peeps back in the Mormon Bubble? haha Well I'm getting a new companion to come and serve with me in Gouyave. His name is Elder Ellis Wilson. I believe he is from Wisconsin and he has been on his mission for about 7 and a half months. He has been in Barbados his entire mission so far, so I'm sure he probably excited to look at some new things. I actually stayed in his apartment with him when we flew to Barbados for Zone Conference a few weeks back, so i'm pretty pumped!
    Well we found a new man named Bro. Th----s...He is really cool. He has been taught by many missionaries before, but lost touch with them. Elder Larson and I found him and taught him about God for our first lesson. He replied "are you angels" it was pretty funny! But He was our cool find this past week!
   As far as skyping... I will be able to on Saturday because of travel purposes. Sundays buses don't run from here... but on Saturday they do, so I will be on sometime in the afternoon. I hope that works.  But man oh man am I excited! I just can't wait to hear everyone again... it just seems like a month ago we did that... it's going to be so good!   Have fun this week so we can have things to talk about! :0 

Love ya
Elder Hill

Hanging out at church:

Saying Goodbye to Elder Larson