"Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life." 3 Nephi 5:13

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Planting Seeds

   A cool thing happened to us the other day...we were sitting by a man named G--- and we were just shooting the breeze because we really wanted to teach him...trying to gain trust and a friendship. This man comes up to us while we are talking and introduces himself as S----. He asked us if we were the Mormons. He told us that he has always wondered about what we believe but he just hasn't had the opportunity to talk to missionaries before! He told us that the first contact he had with hearing about the church was off of his cable tv. He said he stumbled across the "Mormon Channel" and started looking at the videos and talks from the presidents of the Church along with Joseph Smith stuff! He asked us about the Book of Mormon and so we told him that if he scheduled an appointment with us we would love to give him a free copy of the book. He replied Yes! So we saw him last night and oh man is he cool! It was my highlight of the week it was so good! He told us just after we taught him about the Apostasy that the Priesthood was off the earth and men were then not able to baptize and preach. He really understood the Apostasy and why there is only one church with this authority now! I really hope he can read the Book of Mormon and pray about it so that he can really start investigating the Church! 
Oh man it was the BEST!!!

   We had a good lesson with V----- and we were able to talk to her about the Book of Mormon. It was a super sweet lesson! The Spirit was just burning in my chest and oh my goodness did it feel good! She is super cool because she is always telling us how much she desires to know and, she says some really great prayers. We have high hopes for her. We were going to invite her to get baptized but she wants her husband to listen as well so we're going to wait to invite both of them hopefully! 

   A---- is doing good but she just won't come to church! She is really great but I'm not sure she understands the significance of going to our church. So this week we are going to make sure she understands the doctrine and then let her use her agency and decide what she would like to do and how she is going to proceed!

   We are also kind of bummed about a family of girls we've been teaching. I'm pretty sure we might drop them this week. They just won't keep their commitments and won't come to church but hopefully some missionaries in the future pick them up and maybe then they will be a little more interested.

   It breaks my heart when those we teach feel the spirit and want to be baptized, then for some reason decide not to. Their friends or relatives talk them out of it, or they come in contact with 'anti' information. These are people that we have come to love and to see them turn away from the gospel is really agonizing. All we can do is plant the seed as described in Alma 32:28, and hopefully they will accept the things that are true.