"Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life." 3 Nephi 5:13

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Snapshot of Grenada

The official language of the island nation Grenada is English, however the main spoken language is Grenadian Creole English, which also includes African, Indian, and French influences. Grenada’s population is primarily Christian, with the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches being the largest denominations. Calypso, soca, reggae, and rap are all popular music styles, though traditional folk music is also used in different events. Carnival is the country’s biggest celebration. Storytelling is another popular folk tradition. Cricket is the most popular sport in Grenada. The most popular dish in Grenada is Oil Down, which uses coconut milk, a variety of salted meats, dumplings, and several types of fruits and vegetables. Fish cakes and other seafood dishes are also commonly eaten.

Monday, February 17, 2014


    Well everyone I arrived! haha i was freaking out about my baggage... it was a good thing that mom sent the little weight scale so that I didn't have to guess! I flew from Tobago to Trinidad on Wednesday morning, so that I could catch a connecting flight to Grenada. I didn't have my passport on me because the office keeps it, so I called the Assistants about the matter and they said they would get it to me somehow... so I was also freaking out about getting that so I could pass through immigration. My flight left T-dad around 11:00am and I arrived at 11:40 so it was a little longer of a flight than flying to Tobago. Oh man the air strip was beautiful!  It's on a really long jetty and was super cool to land on! But I arrived and Kent and Lynne Smith (senior couple) picked me up! We went to the church and had lunch and then I went with Elder Larson to our area up in Gouyave! It takes about 40 minutes to drive there and all they would tell me is I'm going to the bush of Grenada! haha so immediately I think "suck...tons of mosquito's!"....I was right!

    It's hotter here and we do a lot of walking and hiking. But man this island is beautiful. I have been in utter amazement the past few days because of how amazing Gods creations are. IT's breathtaking! But also the poverty is very, very humbling. Being in Trinidad and Tobago my entire mission so far was great but I didn't see all the poverty. I have come to realize that people just do enough for them to survive. They live in shacks and barely have enough to eat. I'm very humbled to the fact that these wonderful people offer so much when they themselves are basically starving. I know that they are sacrificing food for us so that they can receive blessings...and oh man I hope they get those blessings...it makes me sad but at the same time I know that the Lord has placed me here to realize how others live by just the bare minimum. It has been quite the past few days getting to know the area and the different people.

   The area I'm in is really small. Everybody knows the missionaries. It's great because there is lot of success! E. Larson and I had 29 lessons the past few days so it was great! We had 3 investigators at church! 27 people in all... The church is our apartment and so it's pretty fun! I had to give a talk yesterday... I gave it on the Atonement! But man the missionaries are in charge of everything! It is pretty cool but pretty tiring as well!

   Well Friday... Friday was something the Locals call fish Friday! It's so EPIC! The people here are pretty much all farmers and so they sell everything they catch. So they get together downtown Gouyave and have a massive selling party! It's quite the tourist attraction so we saw lot's of White people and they were from California and NY and Oklahoma... so it was quite interesting seeing Americans. It was a fun atmosphere and the food was boss! I tried a Lobster for the very first time and it was pretty good! But It has been a very interesting and fun past few days!

Well that was the highlights of my half week in Grenada! I love you all and hope you're staying busy because I sure am! haha

Love Elder Hill

Monday, February 10, 2014

Fat Tie Goodbye!

Hey Everyone!
So today I have been officially out on my mission for 10 months! I just want to let everyone know that I'm BEING TRANSFERRED TO GRENADA!!! haha!!! I got a phone call from the Assistants on Friday around 4:00 pm and they say "Elder Hill, are you ready to go explore the jungles of Grenada? I'm like ahh Heck Ya!" They started laughing at me and then expressed how awesome Grenada is and how its pretty similar to Tobago... but more population, and the member work is going good! I'm grateful for the chance I had to be in Tobago... I was blessed to have 4 baptisms in 4 transfers. I've had some great experiences here and made some true friends. Now I go to my third area. I'm so excited I can't even stand it!

Tying the Hulk...     
every departing Elder from Tobago has to sign it and try to tie the fattest knot


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Teach And Testify

   Well Everyone... I have been super busy this past week! I really don't know where the time went. It feels like I was just sitting at this computer and trying to think of what to write. It's hard to know what to write because it feels like the week is just ONE MASSIVE DAY with naps every now and then. I do enjoy emailing and hearing from you all! I really do love and appreciate everyone of you! Just FYI, transfers are on the 12th - I will get a transfer call this friday so we'll see what happens.

   This week was really great! L-- CAME TO CHURCH! She told us after the regular block that she really enjoyed it, and that she was going to bring her little girl next week with her. She is super amazing. She has been doing a great job at keeping all of her commitments and praying to know if what we teach is true. She has come to the knowledge that the Book of Mormon is true, and that she knows she will live with her family again. I really hope she can get baptized and bring the rest of her family into the church as well. I was so happy yesterday I just couldn't express into words how happy I was. I love when investigators make it to church after a long time of teaching. It just makes me feel so blessed to be in the presence of a child of God that he trusts us with their teaching. It is truly an amazing feeling. I love being able to feel Gods love for his children as I teach them. It has really taught me to be sensitive to the spirit. I love being a missionary...never thought I would... but I know now that the Lord loves me and is watching over me. 

    I know for a fact that The Book of Mormon is True and that Joseph Smith Restored the Church of Jesus Christ back onto the Earth. I know That Christ Lives and through our trials we will become stronger. I know that the words in Ether 12:6 and Ether 12:27 are direct words unto us all. Weak things will become strong and we won't recieve a witness of truth until after the trial of our faith! I know that we can repent 70x7 and that God will always forgive us! I have used the Atonement in my life and have reaped the benefits that come along with it! I'm again grateful for this time to be serving and I love every minute of it... Sometimes I feel like I can't do it, but then I remember I've made it this far and look at me now! I love the talk by Edward Dube... never look back! only look forward... then when you finish you can look back and say "look how far I have come" I know that missions are hard and that it's excruciating at times but my faith and spirit have grown so much I can't believe it! I truly am being taught from on high and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!

As you can tell, Aaron is experiencing tremendous spiritual growth as a missionary.  As he teaches the people about the gospel and testifies of its truthfulness, his own testimony is strengthened.  He loves the people and knows that he is in the right place at the right time.