"Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life." 3 Nephi 5:13

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Loving The People

 No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.  

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Zone Conference With Area President

Well Monday was zone conference! We had to be at the Airport at 6:00 am so we woke up at 4:30 and had to leave our apartment at 5:30. I will tell you that jumping on an airplane to go to zone conf. is like the best thing ever! Area President Elder Anderson and his wife Kathy were in attendance. He took up the whole time and answered our questions. They were super awesome. The Spirit was very strong and I learned a lot about myself and how to be a better missionary. I have really come to learn how to listen to the spirt and how he is my best friend. It makes all the diference in the world when you can communicate with God and learn the things what we can do better in our life to become more like him! Not a day goes by that I don't pray for him to speak to me through my thoughts and help me understand what he needs me to know. I love My heavenly Father so much.

One Thing I did learn was That Jesus Christ is our Eternal Father. In the Scriptures it always talks about Jesus Christ being our father... I asked how can this be? So Elder Anderson answered my question! He told us that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ because of his crucifixion and his suffering for our sins which is eternal he becomes our Father becuase of the re-birth that happens at baptism. He said that he is so so so much more than our brother he is also our father! It was amazing!

I had to teach district meeting to President and Sister Mehr and Elder and Sister Anderson yesterday... it was so crazy! I was pretty much pooping my pants because I was first in the presence of a general authority and the mission pres. and second I had to teach them about the gospel! My lesson was on Fear and Faith. I read the definition of fear in the Bible dictionary and then compared it to Alma 58:9-12. How Helaman, Gid, and Teomner were scared for the well being of their soldiers as they went to take the city Manti. They recieved assurances of faith comfort and love. They pressed forward even though they knew they might die! It was a sweet comparison, and Elder Anderson had a ton of cool insight that really helped us understand more about fear and faith. They all came up to me after and said that I'll do great things in the mission... so will see what happens!

We went teaching with Elder Anderson after District Meeting. We went to the hospital to find L--, but we couldn't find her so we decided to see W---, a 14 year old girl that is S--'s sister. She is in critical condidtion because of child neglect from the Mother. She is believed to have a staff infection of the lungs and has been in this condidtion for like 4 months, without medication. So E. Anderson and E. Chiristensen and I went in to the Isolation Ward (we had to wear masks and wash our hands) We were given the opportunity to give her a blessing. It was so powerful. I was in awe how special it was to do that. I will never again have that chance to do that. Give a blessing with a member of the seventy. It was super cool.. He spoke to her on a level that she would understand. It was in simple words and is hard to descirbe....AMAZING!!!

We saw L--n as well with him. He testified of being a seventy and holding the same authority as Phillip. It was again so so powerful. This man you can tell has been called of God and is fulfilling his calling and magnifying it.

We went to the Church after and he gave a beautiful devotional! It was about the Restoration.. hopefuly he sparked a fire under some of the members.

We were able to pick up and drop off the Mehrs from the Airport and then we went back to the apartment to sleep! It feels like yesterday was a dream! We woke up today with a spiritual Hangover... ahaha it felt so good but i'm dead tired!

Well that's all I have today but I love you all have a good week and make sure to pray with faith and you shall recieve!

Love Elder Aaron Hill

I'm going to memorize the book of Enos... maybe you can too?

Elders Hill, Reyes, Christensen

Sister and Elder Anderson, Elder Hill, Elder and Sister Mehr

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Awesome Week!

Well everyone! It was a super awesome week! 

On Sunday we had 54 at church!!! That is a new record for the Tobago Branch! We had two investigators show up... a couple that are looking for more in their life. We are seeing them tonight. It should be a really great lesson, we are planning on teaching them the Restoration and introducing the Book of Mormon. We have been so blessed with the people we are starting to teach. The work here is starting to boom. I love teaching new people. The hardest part is trying to get the members involved. But it is slowly getting better and Elder Christensen and I have about 6 progressing investigators that we want to see get baptized. We set a goal for 2 baptisms this transfer so it's getting tight because we don't have anyone with dates, but we hope to commit someone tonight!

Last Sunday, we went to E--'s house. He is a cabinet maker. We heard him using the router. He was like "Ya my bruh-gers" and so he was happy to see us! He stopped the router immediatly and came over to talk to us. He was like "Man, I have been wait'n for you guys to come by but I never saw you... we told him we tried calling. He told us he left his phone in a taxi and now the taxi is in Trinidad! haha He also said that he was really busy and had to get a bunch of cabinets made for delivery the next day but he had a friend for us to teach. He was like, "Do you fellas have time to teach him about the plan of salvation? He really needs it in his life." The next thing you know he runs off and tells us he'll be back. He comes back 5 mintues later with a really gruff man that looked like he could have been on America's most wanted. He comes up to us and says, "Hi my names K---!" We then sat down and talked to him. He was the most humble man that I have ever met on my mission. He has been through a lot of crap in his life. He told us that when he was 10 he had to sell peanuts on the streets to survive, he then told us that as he and his brother and sister walked down the street one day, a crazy car accident happened and two cars collided head on then spinning out of control into him and his brother and sister. His hip was busted on impact and his brother died Instantly. His sister has scars to this day on her face from the windshield breaking on her face. He is 35 so this happened 25 years ago. He told us he has been looking for the truth ever since and also told us that after we taught him the Plan, it gave him a lot of comfort knowing he'll see his brother again. He also said that he really desires to know if what we taught him was true. We told him to pray about it. He replied, "I don't know if God will answer me." We assured him he would and then we invited him to pray after we were done, and to listen for the Gifts of the Spirit. He said the prayer...which was so humble and sincere. He prayed like he had been a member for his whole life, and after he closed his prayer he looked up and his eyes were huge. I asked him what he was feeling. He then said I feel so light and I feel that my heavenly father Loves me! It was an amazing day and we can't wait to teach him again.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Hey everyone it was great to see you all on Christmas over skype! It was so much fun and it was pretty crazy seeing all of the growth spurts! It was super fun seeing the little kids faces when they first saw me! I laughed!

Well, our week was really pretty great. Last week when we weekly planned we forgot that it was Christmas. We set really high goals and so we were actually scared we wouldn't reach them. We were going to change them but we decided not to because we were both getting trunked out with the holidays and all, so long story short, we reached our goals by working our butts off!
We were told by president Mehr to spend Christmas with the members. So that is what we did! We went by to pretty much everyone in the branch and shared the nativity or a scripture about Christ and then we left.

Sorry this week is going to be short, but we talked a lot on Wednesday... We really went contacting this week and tracted into some lessons but really nobody to brag about! By Friday, we got kinda loopy and had some good laughs. I think it was lack of sleep and hard work! haha
Well, I love you all and have a happy new years! 2014 wahoo!
Bang some pans for me!

Elder Hill

Elder Christensen, Elder Hill, Elder and Sister Linton, Sister Reddy, Sister Joseph