"Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life." 3 Nephi 5:13

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas in the Caribbean!

Sorry today's email is going to be short I don't have a whole lot of time to talk... because we will be talking tomorrow when we SKYPE!!!! BOO-YAA!      I got your package... but i'm not opening it until tomorrow because i have to open a present for christmas morning!

One story I had this week...
On Friday before our branch Christmas party we taught Liz. We had a lesson planned for her. We were going to read the Story of Enos. And focus on receiving answers to her prayers... and really how to pray. Then we were going to watch 'My Soul Hungered'... It is an amazing clip that i want you all to watch sometime. At the beginning of the lesson we asked some follow up questions about the Book of Mormon and how her prayers have been going. She told us that she feels so good whenever we come by and that the things in her life that were before so stressful, she has found more peace and love in her life. We taught the lesson and then after the clip, we asked some inspired questions... really listening to the spirit. We asked if she feels this message is true, and then if she wants more peace in her life... and to live with her family forever. We invited her to be baptized... because we already knew in our hearts that she was going to say yes! She accepted a date for the 25th of January. It was a really cool experience for the both of us and we are seeing her again in an hour so that is why I have to go! But I love you all and I am super excited to see you all tomorrow! I only get about 40-45 minutes so it's not very long... about like last time. But again I am very excited to see you! I love you all and MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Obedience and Diligence

Elder Hill has been experiencing many teaching miracles on Tobago.  The people whose hearts are prepared to hear the Gospel are ready to be taught by faithful, obedient missionaries.

11/25/2013 --- We received a call Wednesday night from some missionaries in Trinidad! We received a woman's number and we were told to call her! We did immediately and it was amazing! This woman's name is S------, she is married and has a daughter. They set up an appointment on the phone for Saturday and told us they will be waiting. We both could not wait! Saturday finally rolled around and it was a half hour before the lesson and I received a phone call and it was J---- her husband. He was calling to make sure we were coming and then gave us directions, to where he lived. We traveled there immediately! We arrived and they were waiting for us on their front steps! We walked up and introduced ourselves, and we just felt like this family was going to be amazing! We went in and got to know them a little bit and talked about the weather and how beautiful the day was then we started. I said the opening prayer and then we started to teach by the bullet points in Preach my gospel. It was a miracle that happened. Stephanie just started to cry. The spirit was so strong. I had to hold back because it was soo thick. We asked them what they wanted to achieve from having us over. They told us "we have always wanted to be converted to something and this is where we think we need to start." We had planned to teach the restoration, but I felt like we needed to teach the plan. So we did! I pulled out those flash cards that Tyson gave me and taught them! The entire lesson was amazing and super spiritual. I have never taught a family before! I can truly say that family's are ordained of God because of the spirit that we felt there! We backed up the Plan with scriptures from the Book of Mormon and then after the lesson, S----, T----(16 yr old daughter) and J---- all asked for their own copy of the Book of Mormon. It was a miracle! I can honestly say that we were blessed with this family because E. Christensen and I have been strictly obedient to mission rules and our diligence! It was such an amazing experience I just feel Heavenly Fathers Love for me as I talk about this wonderful blessing!

12/02/2013 --- We went with the Linton's to visit the J---- family. We arrived a few minutes late because the traffic getting to their house was horrendous, and it was super crazy. So we arrive at and S---- is out waiting on the street for us. We get out and she says "Oh good, I was thinking you weren't coming!" We then went into the house and on the walk to the doorway, their neighbors were just saying nasty things and persecuting them and us until we walked into the house. It was crazy. We could tell she was bothered by it, So I told her not to study them and just try to enjoy the night. So the first 20 minutes of the lesson or so we just mingled and let them get to know the Lintons a little bit better. They loved them both and they were a huge help to the lesson with answering questions and ting...But we then taught them the Restoration. We did our best to focus on prophets and dispensations. They understood everything and it was really neat again to see people that have been prepared from the Lord and placed in our path to find. They really loved the part about the True church falling and was it quite interesting to see J---- thinking on an infinite level and not with a carnal finite mind. We are seeing them again tonight and showing them the Restoration movie for a visual aid and so they can receive a new understanding. We are also going to invite them to be baptized. I love this family so much! They are amazing. They are truly a blessing from heaven and I feel so so blessed to be serving with E. Christensen and having so much success. OBEDIENCE AND DILIGENCE!

12/16/2013 --- We stopped by the J---- family just to say Hi and see how things were going. They (J---, and T----) let us sit down and teach them. We just answered their questions and invited them to the Christmas party. Then J--- asked suddenly, "How do I get baptized in your guys's church?" We told him, and then invited him to be baptized. He said yes and so did T---!. Just need to talk to S-----. The end of last week we had 3 investigators with baptismal dates and by the end of this week we hope to have 5 or 6. It is really awesome the way things are happening out here on this island!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hot and Cold

Here at home we have had some heavy snow storms and cold temperatures in the single digits. 
But in Tobago....


   Well I'd just like to start off by rubbing in some warm weather! It is 85 degrees and real humid! haha like always! I'm used to it now though! At the start of my mission you probably could have made the ocean raise an inch or so with how thick of a stream of sweat was coming off my face! Now I'm acclimatized and it feels actually quite nice! It's also the rainy season and we are getting a lot of rain!

Cool missionaries that are on fire....

E. Christensen and I have been getting along great! He is a super hard worker and he LOVES DUCK DYNASTY, hunting and fishing and camping!!! OHHH YAA!!! It's been so fun the past few days! He knows how to be serious and knows how to be sensitive and spiritual. He has only been out for 3 months but he is very smart and follows the spirit very close. Obedience and Diligence are our goals! This past week we have been doing a lot of contacting! We have been finding a lot of new investigators to teach and we have slowly been increasing our teaching pool! We have found some really awesome people that we see some amazing potential in! I will say that being a District Leader is pretty much baptism by fire. You just have to learn as you go and adjust your life to the new standards!

Elder Hill and Elder Christensen

We have been having a man named L---- fix the car. After the radiator was put in the corolla he came up to us and said..."Elders, I have been meaning to ask you some questions about your church. And I'm pretty interested about what you guys teach so will you come and teach me?"... MY JAW JUST ABOUT HIT THE GROUND! It was so awesome! We told him we would love to come by and teach him. So we set an appointment to visit him the next day around 1:00pm. We got there a few minutes late and then he told us that he was swamped with work, and that if we could teach him as he worked he would appreciate it. So we did. He asked some awesome questions about how people are going around and performing miracles. He told us that something wasn't sitting right with him, and I told him it's because God is not in it. He replied...what do you mean? I said, Well in order for it to be a God given act, God's authority has to be present. He replied... How does a man get the authority. I then told him, It's given to him by someone holding it. It was a really long discussion and I could totally tell that it wasn't my words. It was a pretty cool experience and I see some great potential in him.