"Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life." 3 Nephi 5:13

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sweet Is The Peace The Gospel Brings

Well everyone! It sure seems like the time just flies by when you are giving all of your time to the Lord! 

A fun and cool story that happened this week when I was with Elder Reyes Tuesday on trade-offs. We were told that a certain area called Bacolet in lower Scarborough was a dead zone and it was difficult to get people to listen. E. Reyes and I went knowing this and had our heads held high, and we walked in being really positive. I really felt I needed to find someone in this certain area. We contacted some really awesome people in there. I asked a man named Alvin If he had ever seen a missionary in the area before and he immediately said no. I was drawn back from the comment, I asked another person and they said the same thing. These people have also lived in Bacolet for 15 plus years and the church has only been on Tobago for 5. We were walking towards a dead end on a road called Bacolet Cres. and the beach was in front of us. A real big storm was coming in and it started to pour. We snapped a few quick pics( E. Reyes hadn't seen the beach for almost a year so he was island trunky... :) ) and then it really started to rain! 

Then a man that is 6'6'' weighing prob...285, big massive rugby player look...starts running at us, and E. Reyes, says.. "we need to leave". I felt peace and love and told him I wanted to talk. I was very scared at this giant man running at me full speed. I held my ground. He comes up to me and says "Hello my name is Anthony, what is yours?" I was so taken back at how soft hearted this man was. I loved him instantly. He was super cool and told us he has always wanted to talk to a missionary but has never seen one. I just started to speak and I taught him about the Restoration and how Jesus Christs church has once again been established on the earth. He told me well if it was gone it would have to be brought back...ent.( saying for correct in Windies) I really felt the spirit as I was talking to him and I know he was feeling it too because he wouldn't leave us. He walked us to the street and helped us catch a car to head back down the road. We set up an appointment to come back this week so we can teach him more about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. I learned from this whole experience that we can't be too quick to judge, because that person might just be the next member of the church. I really love this man now and I hope we can get him to accept this wonderful message of the restoration. It was a very awesome yet humbling experience for me. I really had a good time with E. Reyes and E. Christensen. (<-- he is from Oak City Utah...by Delta somewhere) He loves to hunt and fish so you can imagine that we got along really well. 

We are preparing a boy name N--- for Baptism this Saturday..he is 16 and is a sweet little kid... He has a learning speed like an 8 year old but he is very nice and lights up when you talk about Christ and Baptism. We are also helping his dad prepare for baptism as well.

We have been teaching a man named W---. His best friend's mother was killed in Trinidad just a few days ago and the only people he could think about calling was the missionaries. I hung up the phone with him and he said... Elder Hill,... I love you so much... I then just about cried, because I could feel this mans pain... We saw him the next day and had a great lesson... His countenance was completely changed and It was a great experience for me!!! 

Well Thats all I have time for this week!!! I love you All!
Elder Hill